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Polynomial Elimination: Algorithms and Applications

Polynomial elimination is understood as successively eliminating variables from systems of multivariate (differential) polynomials. In addition to the classical resultants, typical examples of polynomial elimination methods are those based on characteristic sets and Gröbner bases which have been extensively studied, extended, and applied in the area of computer algebra. Continuing research efforts on the subject have resulted in many new techniques that form the basis of a number of practical algorithms underlying current computer algebra systems.

This special issue focuses on reporting significant research developments on algorithms and software tools for polynomial elimination and their applications to problems in various domains of science, engineering, and industry. The special issue is expected to be a collection of state-of-the-art contributions and serve as a reference source for further investigations on the subject. Original research papers describing recent advances and new insights on all aspects of polynomial elimination are solicited. Relevant topics include, but are not restricted to:

The special issue considers elimination for both algebraic and differential polynomial systems. Potential authors are encouraged to include well-identified challenging application problems in their contributions.

Authors are invited to submit 4 copies of their manuscripts to one of the two guest-editors who will handle the preparation of this special issue. All submitted papers will be refereed according to the JSC refereeing process (see for information about JSC).

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31 July 1997
31 January 1998
31 May 1998

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