Wang's Papers
D. Wang's Papers
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Selected Publications

  1. Elimination Theory, Methods, and Practice. In: Mathematics and Mathematics-Mechanization (D. Lin, W. Li, and Y. Yu, eds.), Shandong Education Publishing House, Jinan, 2001, pp. 91-137.
  2. Automated Reasoning about Surfaces (Progress Report). In: Proceedings of ADG 2000 (Zurich, Switzerland, September 25-27, 2000) (J. Richter-Gebert and D. Wang, eds.), pp. 183-196.
  3. Coherent, Regular and Simple Systems in Zero Decompositions of Partial Differential Systems (with Ziming Li). Systems Science and Mathematical Sciences 12 (Suppl.) (1999) 43-60.
  4. Elimination Methods and Applications. Habilitation thesis, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France, January 1999.
  5. Characteristic Sets and Zero Structure of Polynomial Sets (Lecture Notes). Preprint, RISC-Linz, Johannes Kepler University, November 1989 - June 1995.
  6. A Method for Factorizing Multivariate Polynomials over Successive Algebraic Extension Fields. Preprint, RISC-Linz, Johannes Kepler University, January 1992.
  7. Some Notes on Algebraic Methods for Geometry Theorem Proving. Preprint, RISC-Linz, Johannes Kepler University; Presented at Medlar 12-Month Workshop (Weinberg Castle, Austria, November 4-7, 1990).

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