Wang's Manuscripts
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The manuscripts together with PostScript files listed below were not formally published, nor included in any technical report series, and will not be published elsewhere either. They have been referred to in various formal publications. This page is constructed to show the existence of these manuscripts, and the author reserves the copyright. Most of the manuscripts are preliminary and out of date, and alternative references, if available, are indicated. Some minor editorial changes and typographical corrections for the manuscripts have been made during the preparation of this page.
  1. Characteristic Sets and Zero Structure of Polynomial Sets (Lecture Notes). Preprint, RISC-Linz, Johannes Kepler University, November 1989 - June 1995.

    D. Wang: Elimination Methods. Springer-Verlag, Wien New York (2001).

  2. A Method for Factorizing Multivariate Polynomials over Successive Algebraic Extension Fields. Preprint, RISC-Linz, Johannes Kepler University, January 1992.

    D. Wang and D. Lin: A Method for Multivariate Polynomial Factorization over Successive Algebraic Extension Fields. In: Mathematics and Mathematics-Mechanization (D. Lin, W. Li, and Y. Yu, eds.), Shandong Education Publishing House, Jinan, pp. 138-172 (2001).

  3. Some Notes on Algebraic Methods for Geometry Theorem Proving. Preprint, RISC-Linz, Johannes Kepler University; Presented at Medlar 12-Month Workshop (Weinberg Castle, Austria, November 4-7, 1990).

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