1. Download the compressed file epsilon.zip or epsilon.tar.gz and move it to a directory where you want to install Epsilon.
  2. Extract the files from epsilon.zip or epsilon.tar.gz, for example, using unzip epsilon.zip or tar xvfz epsilon.tar.gz (under Unix/Linux). You will get a directory named epsilon.
  3. Add the following two lines to your Maple initialization file .mapleinit in your home directory under Unix/Linux or maple.ini in the Maple 8/Lib directory (or the Maple 8/Users directory, or your personal profile directory, or your working directory) under Windows-based systems:

    epsilon_path := `full_path_of_epsilon`:
    libname := cat(epsilon_path,`/lib`), libname:

    where full_path_of_epsilon is the full path for the directory epsilon created in step 2 (e.g., epsilon_path := `/usr/local/wang/epsilon`:).

Now you can start working with Epsilon: invoke maple or xmaple and then try with(epsilon); or ?epsilon for on-line help. More instructions on running Epsilon tests and recompiling the Java programs are given in the readme file in epsilon.

Last Modification: June 18, 2003