A Maple Package for Characteristic Sets
and now a module of Epsilon

CharSets is a Maple package developed by Dongming Wang on the basis of Wu-Ritt's method of characteristic sets. The first version CharSets 1.0 was made publicly available with Maple's share library in early 1991. Three subsequent versions 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0 were also distributed. The current version is CharSets 2.2. The early versions of CharSets were implemented for computing characteristic sets and various zero decompositions of polynomial systems and other related polynomial calculations. Their capabilities include

A new module has been added to CharSets (since version 2.0) that contains eight functions for computing differential characteristic sets and the corresponding zero decompositions for systems of ordinary differential polynomials. Some of the routines from the CharSets package are used by the provers in GEOTHER, an environment for geometric theorem proving.

Excerpts with modification from Mathematics Mechanization and Applications, Academic Press, pp. 498-499 (2000).
Last Modification: June 18, 2003