Elimination Methods

D. Wang:
Elimination Methods.
Wien New York, 2001.

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Review by Bruno Buchberger in Computing Reviews

"... This book, therefore, is not only topical, but is also the first book that contains all major currently available algorithmic approaches on elimination theory in one conceptional frame ... The book is well suited both as a textbook and as a research reference for the state of the art in algorithmic elimination theory. Theorems and proofs are presented in such a way that the correctness of the algorithms based on them can easily be verified. Well-chosen examples make it easy to understand the concepts and the methods. The main contents of this book - although not all details - should enter standard curricula on algebra."

Review by Paulo F. Machado in Mathematical Reviews

"... the algorithms are presented in a 'crescendo' sequence, that is, the versions are improved step by step with the introduction of new techniques and concepts, which allows the readers to follow the construction of the ideas; furthermore, this style makes it a very good textbook ... it is a very good text to have on hand for anyone interested in the theories and techniques of elimination methods."

Review by Gerhard Pfister in Zentralblatt MATH

Review in Chinese by Yaochen Zhu in China Sci-Tech Book Review

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